OCD Foundation Speaks Out on PANDAS

Please share with physicians. Our children need you now more than ever.


PANDAS explains why 12 girls from the same school get tics!


The Doctors TV show brings P.A.N.D.A.S. to the forefront

init   Here is the video link after a short ad. This is a must view.

Finally the word on P,A,N.D.A S. reaches households throughout the US with this very important segment on The Doctors. Thank you to Beth Alison Maloney for continuing her efforts to stop this serious childhood illness. Time is of the essence as new cases are appearing everyday. Diagnosis is crucial and so is immediate treatment.Here is an overview of The Doctors to watch and share with your pediatrician so children will not have to suffer needlessly. Thank you:}

PANDAS on The Doctors Nov 3rd 2011.

This is a must watch Sneak preview here. Includes  treatment!

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Another very important finding about PANDAS all the way from Israel!

Tel Aviv News article on strep related illness

There is no stopping this breathtaking news that strep can affect the heart, joints and BRAIN! Thank you to Prof. Daphna Joel and her team of researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Psychology for taking another step forward.

Please note that it is stressed that strep must be treated with antibiotic therapy to stop the process of PANDAS and other strep related illnesses.


NIMH » Director’s Post shedding light on PANDAS in this new era.

NIMH » Director’s Posts about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Many of us are looking forward to studies on antibiotic therapy as well…THANK YOU FOR THIS POST.