PANDAS Factsheet from OCD Foundation site.

A beautiful clear day in Seattle, time to reflect on PANDAS

Back to the basics. PANDAS is caused by a streptococcal infection that triggers an immune system reaction which attacks the basil ganglia of the brain  And as we have found, PANDAS can be stopped by aggressive and longterm antibiotic therapy. Our son Jamie had elevated ASO (Anti-streptolycin O) titers as well almost every one of the symptoms listed on this PANDAS Fact Sheet.  Our son, Jamie, was treated with antibiotics and thankfully, our son Jamie’s disorder went into remission. This has been documented by records obtained from the National Institute of Mental Health. All we ask is that physicians across the globe give recognition to this new childhood disorder and give children the much needed prescription for antibiotics, for both immediate and long term use. This is what physicians did for our son, Jamie. They returned our healthy, happy, athletic, beautiful child to us unscathed.

I think of all the children who continue to suffer needlessly. Immediate recognition and treatment of PANDAS  is key. Let us continue to spread the word. I have found some amazing bloggers who have there own personal stories to tell.  Their pain, their sadness is gutwrenching.

We must not let our children and families suffer alone. The Pandas Foundation has gathered a list of admirable physicians who are coming to the aid of these very ill children. The numbers keep growing, our fight to bring these children back has begun.

Go to  for more info.

Fact sheet  2010 International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) go to for more info.

Marci S Lichtenwalter, Director of MoonDance to the Cure & Northwest Regional Coordinator “got strep” campaign Pandas Foundation




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